Wanna Win a Hundred Bucks?

I’m so honored to be participating in an incredible giveaway that features fantasy/paranormal authors. If you’d like to expand you TBR, just click on the link and like the BookBub author pages. What’s great about this is BookBub only emails you when the authors you follow get ready to release a new book or make a book suggestion. It’s a win/win for everyone!

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2 Comments on “Wanna Win a Hundred Bucks?”

  1. I wanted to do this sweepstakes but it doesn’t give you a choice of author to follow and I have never heard of the one I had to choose, who is ML Preston?

    1. Every day they feature an author in the giveaway. Once you follow that author, all of the other authors pop up. If you’re not sure about the featured author of the day, just check in the next day and try again. You can always follow them, see what they’re about and if they aren’t your cup of tea you can unfollow, no hard feelings. I will tell you, every author I’ve met participating in the event has been incredible peeps. Hope this helps! 🙂

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