"... Fun and sensual fantasy [with] magnetic characters." -Publishers Weekly

The Scythians’ society is fascinating and impeccably created. — Emily Whitmore, Booklist

"The Scythian Trials crackles with life, hums with heart, and pounds with action for one hell of a read."-San Francisco Book Review

"If you loved the Hunger Games and Divergent and just all around kicka$$ characters with an amazing storyline then you will love this." -Books_With_Jess

This is a fast paced book full of thought out environment and characters. There were twists and turns. Elizabeth Isaacs book reminds me a lot of Wonder Women meets Hungar Games. I had the hardest time putting this book down. I could very much see this becoming a movie series. -Director Girl

Isaacs does an impeccable job of creating an ancient culture that predates the bronze age that is for the most part still thriving, although not as secret as in a modern day world. Isaacs's epic story is loaded with very real heroes, rivals, and sinister villains from both sides. In between the martial arts and combat scenes, there are moments of intimacy and genuine friendships among rivals. At the center of it all is the most sought-after mate; headstrong and rebellious Nya. I was really impressed with the author's writing style, her knowledge of technology, weapons, and martial arts. This story captures the reader from the get-go, and from then on the pages fly by. Especially when Nya is missing, and her royal bloodline is in jeopardy. I was entertained on all levels with Elizabeth Isaacs's magnificently crafted The Scythian Trials. Brava!

-Stephen Fisher for Readers' Favorite

Strength through Equality. Power through Knowledge. This is the creed the Scythians live by in The Scythian Trials. Elizabeth Isaacs weaves a story as beautiful and deadly as the Scythians themselves – a young Scythian who is mentally damaged because of her abduction by The Society’s enemy, the Drahzden Empire, but is able to piece herself together through grit and reluctantly accepting help from an appointed psychiatrist. Her abduction and subsequent recovery unearth how an innocent person can pay the consequences of someone else’s devout loyalty. I could not put this book down; Anya’s story unfolded in front of me as if I were there by her side, seeing everything with and for her, sharing her pain and triumph. As the story progressed, I stayed on the edge of my seat, turning page after page to read what happened next.  -Ayrial King for Readers' Favorite

I loved this book, and I thought Jax was perfect for Nya before I go into all the hunky males in this hoping to find their mates. As a female warrior Nya is descended from the first couple to start a whole new society, so much is expected from her. This is an action-packed adventure with lots of drama going when the enemy is after Nya again. If you love fantasy with a great adventure this the book for you. I can’t wait to read some more of Elizabeth Isaacs's books if they are as good as this one. A great original fantasy action filled adventure with a side dose of love. What more can I ask for ? - Book Addict Live

I really enjoyed this book. It was a really good read, the characters were very well developed. With all the different things going on in the story it could have become really bogged down and convoluted. However, it was well organized and had a good flow. I sat down and read it in one sitting, I could not put it down.

-Maechell D.

I love love loved this book. So full of adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I literally could not put this book down. Nya was an amazing complex character that goes through so many struggles. I love her and Jax together...and the author does a great job of making you want more. I can't wait to read more from this author. Fans of hits like The Hunger Games and Divergent Series will definitely enjoy this book. -Books and Tea Love Book Review

This story really pulls you in right at the start and holds your attention throughout. It has excellent world building and the characters you either love or hate. I would love to see more of both! Also, the cover is awesome! -Stephanie F.

5 Cranky Stars

The Scythian Trials is a very well written story of love and hardships. It takes place in the modern world among everyday people. However, mere humans are known as Allos and the stars of this book are the Scythians. Scythians are direct descendants of the ancient Amazon women. The girls are highly prized, trained warriors noted for their strength and intellect. The elite are sent to special academies located around the world to receive the best education and training. The Scythian men are also trained but their goal is to become the husband of the strongest of the women. To achieve these ends, there is a special set of trials at each academy. The fourth year graduates compete to move on to the “claiming trial” in the headquarters in Romania. Each female champion has 5 men vying to be the chosen. Love is not the primary focus. Bearing female children to further the Scythian race is the goal.
Anya has been at the academy in Wyoming for 4 years and is approaching her time of Trial. Jax has been her companion and counselor. She has a troubled past life that she remembers almost nothing. Four years ago, she reacted violently to anyone that touched her. Jax has helped her overcome this reaction somewhat. There are still triggers that put her over the edge. She must endure the Trials but all she wants to do is run and hide. He is her only hope and he promises to help her and always be there.

Penn is her lost love, at least in what memory she has of the past. How can she possibly choose another mate. Slowly, her memories are returning and it isn’t good. These are terrible nightmares that couldn’t possibly be true. As she moves through her Trials, the memories start surfacing at odd times. She must find a way to unravel these mysteries before she chooses a mate.

This fast paced thriller was a “couldn’t put it down read.” I will definitely look for more books by this author. Her writing is impeccable and she now has me as a big fan.- - Cranky TBC Review