Finding Your Tribe

Most of my life has been spent feeling like the proverbial round peg in a square hole. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier to connect with intelligent, witty people who love discussing books and other writerly things. I wanted a place we could call our own, and so I started The Isaacs Society. This secret Facebook group is chalked full of genuine, funny, and, best of all,  incredibly kind people. They don’t even mind the awkward monthly videos I post there (which you won’t see anywhere else, which may be a good thing, lol).

Our little group means so much to me that I decided to start having gift-aways. Okay, okay, I just made that word up, but it perfectly describes my intent. Gift-aways are different than giveaways because the ladder usually involves the reader doing something (liking a page, tweeting a promo, following a blog, etc.). A gift-away is what it says. I’m giving my readers a gift. There is no Rafflecopter. No tweet requests. No “enter for a chance to win.” It’s something freely given from my heart to yours.

I had such fun this past week mailing off packages with a secret scene from the Trials and a medallion of my author symbol on a twenty-four-inch chain. Pretty, isn’t it?

A quick shout out to the amazing Feroze Mcleod over at Bada Bink! Tattoo Firm for making such a kick-ass symbol! I love, love, love it! He’s such an incredible artist and I feel so blessed to have his work as part of my author brand.

I hope that readers will wear their necklace to book signings and events. Conventions are fun but hectic, and sometimes I miss opportunities to talk to readers simply because I get addle-brained in the crazy shuffle of the day. But if I could spot my tribe from the crowd, it’d make life easier. Maybe we could meet afterward for dinner or drinks or a show. That idea has sparked ideas of all sorts of shenanigans in the works for future events.

BTW, I plan to do another gift-away in the winter, so if you would like to join in my nerdy-but-heartfelt-fun, click on the link and say hello. 🙂 

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